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Patient transport on scheduled flights: a safe and comfortable journey

Transport of patients on scheduled flights

The importance of patient transport

Transporting patients by scheduled airlines is a complex process that requires medical and logistical planning. All services required by the patient and their companion before, during and upon arrival must be provided flawlessly.

Medical preparations and devices

When transporting patients, all necessary medical equipment is properly prepared for the trip. This is important to support the patient's current health status and the ability to respond immediately to possible emergency situations. ALS Assistance has extensive experience in providing flight-safe medical equipment and medicines.

Accompanied by specialized health personnel

The patient is constantly monitored by experienced medical staff during the flight. These staff monitor the patient's health at every stage of the journey and carry out the necessary medical procedures.

Coordination and communication

ALS Assistance works closely with airlines and healthcare facilities during the patient transport process. This coordination ensures smooth communication at every stage of the patient transport and enables a successful completion of the process.

Airline medical transport is a premium, tailor-made service from ALS Assistance, turning a difficult procedure into a safe and pleasant experience for patients and their families.

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