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Patient transport by ambulance abroad (international): ALS assistance teams

Patient transport in international ambulance

International land ambulance transportation abroad offers a reliable and uninterrupted solution to your cross-border healthcare needs. In providing this service, ALS Assistance strives to keep patient safety and comfort at the highest level.

  • ALS Assistance provides ground rescue services over a wide geographical area and transports patients to many countries such as Germany, England and France. Each transfer is planned individually according to the needs of the patient and their family.

  • We provide internationally reliable healthcare services through our specialized healthcare teams and high-quality medical equipment.

  • Our patient transports are carried out using the safest and most economical route options that suit the patient's condition.

Call center information:

  • Phone: +90 212 529 12 12

  • WhatsApp: +90 541 533 12 12 / +90 533 717 34 27

With the support of ALS, international patient transfers are carried out with high standards of healthcare services and patient comfort. Feel safe every step of the way.

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