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Importance and Processes of Medical Escort Service

medical support services

Safety and comfort take priority when traveling for health reasons. Medical support is a service specially prepared taking into account the current state of health of the patient. The biggest advantage of this service is the constant monitoring of health status by the medical team and the rapid implementation of necessary interventions.

Patient assessment and planning

Each medical support procedure begins with a detailed assessment of the patient’s current health status. This assessment allows you to customize the service. The travel plan is tailored to the patient's medical history, current condition and special health needs. This plan includes the duration of the flight, available medical equipment and the number of personnel required.

Medical support services during travel

During the trip, the patient is constantly monitored by experienced doctors. These healthcare professionals are prepared to respond to all types of health problems, including emergencies. The medical escort service ensures that the patient is as prepared as possible for any medical problem that he may encounter during his trip.

Coordination at destination

At the point of arrival, the patient is picked up and, if necessary, immediately transported to a medical facility. ALS Assistance's global partner network comes into play in this process, so medical support continues uninterrupted at the patient's new location.

Medical support services provide great benefits to patients and their families by providing safe and controlled management of a complex process. As ALS Assistance, we strive to provide the highest level of medical travel by tailoring the service to the needs of the patient.

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